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About Us

Our Mission Statement

There are numerous orphanages, senior homes, rehab centers, and deportee centers who Poverty 24/6 helps on a regular basis. There are also a growing number of families now living at the Nogales city garbage dump who are visited, clothed and fed by your donations. The following are only a few who have received some assistance. On their behalf, thank you.

(Poverty is poverty, no matter where you live)

How Do We Operate?

Little girl at local orphange with donated food
Poverty 24-6 is run entirely by volunteers that are dedicated to the mission of helping their neighbors. We raise funds through special collections and fund raisers. 100% of every dollar goes directly in support of those we serve.
How Can You Help?

Homeless lining up for a meal at the Mariposa Aid Station in Nogales, Mexico

We can use the help of individuals and organizations alike. Volunteer opportunities exist for individuals with any of the committees of Poverty 24/6, as well as through your local organization or church.

We need your help and can surely use your skills, talent and interests in a variety of areas, such as administration, logistics, fundraising and communications.

As a deaconate project in the Diocese of Tucson, Poverty 24/6 encourages deacons to be of service to others through their parishes.
What is Poverty 24/6?

Children living at the Indian's workers camp in Imuris, Mexico

Poverty 24/6 is a Trust under the auspices of the Diocese of Tucson whose ministry provides clothing, food, water, and other basic human necessities to improve the quality of life for those living in the most impoverished conditions within Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.
Who Do We Help?

Children Living at Nogales Dump

Poverty 24-6 has gone from simply providng a few cases of water and several bags of beans to needy families living at the Nogales city dump, to now helping to clothe and feed thirty thousand people a month.

We have given assistance to those who are passing through or live at any of the nearly 14 drop off points in Nogales, Sonora, which include the Saint Francis of Assisi Nursing Home, three Catholic orphanges, ten drug and rehab centers, the Face of Jesus Center for deported migrants or are part of the growing population living at the city dump in Nogales. Through these effects it is estimated that one hundred thousand meals are distributed a month.